Exhibition Introduction

Thai-Sino Association of Science and Technology (TSAST)

The Thai-Sino Association of Science and Technology (TSAST) is a vital organization composed of seasoned executives and renowned scientists from both China and Thailand. Supported by Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Sciences, Research and Innovation, Ministry of Energy, and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, TSAST champions the critical concept of a “Green Society.”

Shanghai International Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd

Shanghai International Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd was established in 2022, affiliated to CCPIT Shanghai, aiming to become a domestically and internationally renowned exhibition group and to play a leading role in China’s exhibition industry.

As the predecessor of the Group, Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd (SIEC), which was founded in 1984, is China’s first state-owned international trade fair organizer specialized in inbound and outbound exhibitions, and is also the first UFI-certified exhibition organizer in China. So far over 700 events have been held across multiple industry sectors.

Exhibition Overview

Green Technology Expo 2024: A One-Stop Shop for Green Solutions

In 2024, the Green Technology Expo returns, bigger and better than ever. This year’s event promises a comprehensive experience for the private sector, offering a one-stop shop to delve into the transformative concept of a “Green Society.”

Unveiling Green Innovations: The Expo will showcase cutting-edge green technologies from a diverse range of industries, from renewable energy solutions to sustainable agriculture practices.

Connecting with Experts: Attendees will have the opportunity to network with leading minds in the green sector, fostering valuable collaborations and knowledge exchange.

Charting a Greener Path: The Expo will feature insightful panel discussions and workshops, equipping participants with the tools and strategies to implement sustainable practices in their businesses.

A Collective Effort for a Sustainable Future

The Green Technology Expo 2024 is more than just an exhibition; it’s a catalyst for change. By bringing together key stakeholders from government, industry, and academia, the Expo paves the way for a more sustainable future for Thailand and beyond.

Join the Movement!
Whether you’re a seasoned sustainability professional or just starting your green journey, the Green Technology Expo 2024 has something for everyone. Mark your calendars and join us in building a greener tomorrow!

The Expo target audience

Primary Audience:

1.Private sector businesses: This includes companies from various industries interested in incorporating sustainability practices, exploring green technologies, and identifying new business opportunities in the green economy. This could encompass.

2.Manufacturers and industrial companies seeking to adopt cleaner production processes and energy efficiency solutions.

3.Construction and architecture firms interested in sustainable building materials and green design principles.

4.Transportation and logistics companies exploring electric vehicles, renewable fuels, and green infrastructure solutions.

5.Tourism and hospitality businesses seeking sustainable practices and technologies to reduce their environmental impact.

6.Financial institutions and investors keen on identifying and supporting green businesses and technologies.

Secondary Audience:

1.Government agencies and policymakers: Representatives from relevant ministries, such as those involved in energy, environment, and industry, who can gain insights into green technologies and support the development of relevant policies.

2.Academia and research institutions: Researchers, professors, and students interested in the latest advancements in green technology and collaborating with industry players.

3.Non-profit organizations and NGOs: Environmental groups, sustainability advocates, and community organizations promoting green awareness and initiatives.

4.Individual consumers: Eco-conscious individuals seeking information, products, and services that align with their green lifestyle choices.

Exhibit Profile
  • Green Policy, Green Financial Institute, Board of Investment, Standardization and Verification organization.
  • Green solution and consult in Agriculture and Food Technology.
  • Green solution and consult in Wellness and Health Care Technology.
  • Green solution and consult in NewEnergy Technology.
  • Green solution and consult in Green Industry and Environment Technology.

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